Garden to Table

The Want List.

Homegrown Blubs
Homegrown Blubs

I had the pleasure of being invited out to the Hamptons this past weekend.  A few years ago (when I was just a pup) I saw the Hamptons as another place to party and have fun outside of Manhattan on summer weekends.  Now I appreciate and very much look forward to the escape, the change of pace, the open land, the beach-town feel, the truly local produce and not having to go underground to travel from one part of town to the next. We stayed at a friend’s parents house which is equipped with the most incredible garden. This is no backyard tomato-and-basil growing garden – this is a serious operation! They are growing some things that I naively didn’t think home gardens could grow! Kale, blueberries, raspberries, zucchini blossoms, lettuce – our hostess picked from and then we ate from the garden at every meal.  This experience, the feeling of eating something that’s real and being connected to what’s going into my body is something I aspire to have and to share with others at my kitchen table one day.  I want a garden, I want time to play with my garden, I want time to cook from my garden.

Do you garden to table?  What do you want when you grow up?


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