Meatless Mondays

 It’s a vegan thing, a veggie thing, a tree-hugger thing.

To my surprise Meatless Mondays is much more than a phrase or a Monday recipe exchange thrown around social media – it is an international movement initiated ten years ago to spread the primary message: “Cutting out meat even one day a week can heal you and the land”.

The force behind Meatless Mondays is Sid Lerner – a food lover and marketing mastermind who discovered when dealing with his own health issues that “public health had been an ignored orphan in the advertising world.”  The Meatless Monday campaign has been pairing up with restaurants, food establishments, school cafeterias, etc. to increase their vegetarian options and specials on Mondays making it easier for people to abstain from meat one day a week outside of the home. Mr. Lerner says, “we’ve never had so much to eat, so many times a day, in so many places and at such an unbelievably low cost compared to total dollars spent; it’s self-inflicted to a large extent…suicide eating”.  The Occasional Vegetarian article in Edible East End is where I discovered what Meatless Monday really stands for and all of the progress it has achieved thus far – it’s definitely worth a read.

I think committing to a meat-free day out of seven can be an easy-enough transition for a client who feels weighed down after eating meat or is looking to cut back. I appeal to you other health coaches out there – is this a suggestion you’d feel comfortable transferring over to other food groups?  For instance, if someone wants to cut back on dairy or gluten do you think it would be effective to suggest abstaining from that food group for one day out of the week vs. crowding out and cutting back a little each day?

Tonight’s Dinner in Honor of Meatless Monday:

Organic Baked Eggplant Medallions seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt, cracked pepper, red pepper flakes
Quinoa with organic garlic, shallots, scallions, baby spinach, plums, salt and cracked pepper

Did you participate?


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