There’s a Time to Cleanse


I’m a health coach in training.  I should be healthy 90% of the time (at least those are the standards I tell myself) however, I am not healthy 90% – this summer it’s more like 60%.  My stomach has been feeling off and bloated, my carb and sugar cravings have been cray; it was most certainly time to cleanse.

The goal of this cleanse is to reset my pallet and reboot my daily habits.  Indulging slowly went from a once in a while to an everyday affair. – Nah, uh. Not good for the body, brain or skin.  I used to look at junk food and just think “no” because it had no appeal to me. I didn’t consider it worth eating – hell, I didn’t even consider it food!  Working in the food industry and getting to try new products on the market became fun and taste-testing when I wasn’t hungry just became part of the job. Again, working in the industry, food (delicious food, not always the healthiest food) will always be in my face. I cherish my health, my body and my brain more than that butter cookie imported from France  so, I’m just over it – I’m saying byebyebye to the empty work related cals.

I’ve done juice cleanses from Cooler Cleanse numerous times in the past and I loved how I felt and looked after however, after reading some critics opinions on the juice cleanses I agree that the sugar content is too high.  I also wanted to feed my body healthy real food and not necessarily just liquids  so, I turned to Organic Avenue.  I have a few go-to’s that I pick up for breakfast and lunch from time to time so I decided to purchase a raw refresh cleanse ($35 per day). The menu:

A lemon shot pre-breakfast

A smoothie for breakfast

A (cold) soup for lunch

A coconut yogurt or chia seed pudding as a sweet snack

A salad for dinner

Everything is raw, organic, vegan and gluten free (similar to a juice cleanse).  I can eat their coconut yogurt (read: coco-yo) everyday but I was really impressed by the gazpacho and the mango basil smoothie.  The gazpacho is by far the tastiest I’ve ever had and the mango basil smoothie is really unique and refreshing. Also, the salty olives and the sweet raisins in the Big Kale Salad is a nice, satisfying combination.  Organic Avenue is almost like Pure Food & Wine in the sense that I didn’t know raw-vegan health food could taste so damn good.  I was hungry after dinner for the past two nights so I added an apple with peanut butter to the daily eats.

This cleanse is available in two day increments. Two days down, two days to go – I finally feel like I’m doing my body good.


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