Time to set some intentions for this next year of nutrition school.

Here it goes:

 To be authentic, genuine and interesting. Nothing I convey on my blog, discussion boards, professional website, social media, etc. should ever sound forced or rehearsed.  As a new writer I sometimes struggle to find my natural writing voice.  -This stems from the fear and insecurity that I don’t have the knack to make kale salad and green juice sound interesting.

To be knowledgeable / informative by soaking in as much course information as possible. To think critically and be critical. To take thorough notes. To do my own reading, research and experimenting. To ask, why?

To be connected with the IIN community by initiating communication with someone who’s career I admire.

To be focused / successful driven by the ultimate goal: the freedom to work for myself, make my own schedule and to pursue my own career interests on a daily basis. To gain financial stability outside of a full time desk job.

Last but not least, my intention is to be absolutely and utterly FEARLESS.


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