Back to School

First Words

After researching and considering the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for three years now, I couldn’t be more excited to be enrolled in this program! This is the first curriculum throughout my educational career that I have 100% chosen, that I am completely interested in and committed to. Education has always been either a right of passage, expected or forced. It’s refreshing (for someone who always disliked the structure of school) to WANT to learn; and for education and the corresponding material to be a choice. In these few short weeks I’ve already gained so much from the program such as different viewpoints on workplace stress and the importance of experiences, fun and relationships to “fill us up” rather than JUST food. I’m really look forward to learning and discussing holistic health as the program goes on (as I’m sure my classmates fee the same).  Hope to see you here!


xo, Felicia


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